My Trip to Japan, November 2001


Akashi Strait Bridge

Naruto Bridge

For the second part of my trip, I decided to visit Shikoku by driving. I started from Osaka, drove westward to Kobe, then crossed the Akashi Strait Bridge, world's longest suspension bridge. From there, I drove southwest across Awaji Island and crossed the Naruto Bridge which spans the Naruto Strait, located between Awaji Island and the eastern tip of Shikoku. It separates Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean and the currents flow rapidly through this strait, causing whirling tides.
Naruto's Famous Whirling Tides

Whirling tides occur only when the currents flow the fastest, usually twice a day between the changing of the tides. The maximum flow occurs near New and Full Moons, which are the best times to see the whirling tides. You might be disappointed if you visit here at other times, although the clear water and the scenery of the area is quite beautiful.

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